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Finding Message-ID in gmail message

Email message header contains a lot of useful information about the message. One of the items that each valid message should contain is the Message-ID:, a unique identity code for the message that no past or future message should share. This entry is needed if you want unsubscribe from the CCL list via the CCL Unsubscribe Web Form. It requires that you enter the Message-ID:. While most mail reading programs provide easy access to this information (e.g., options like: Show Header or Show Message Source, etc.) the Gmail requires a few more clicks. This is how you get it:

  • Log into your Gmail account as you always do.
  • Select a recent CCL message to read.
  • At the top line of the message (not the top of the page, but the right upper corner of the message), there is a small triangle pointing down. This is what once was called [more options]. Click on this small triangle and you will get a menu and choose the [Show Original].
  • You will see the raw version of the mail message with the full header information. Somewhere after a number of Received: header lines, followed by From:, Reply-To:, To:, Subject: there should be a line similar to:
    Message-Id: <>
    This is the information that you need to copy to the CCL unsubscription form.

I am sorry that it is slightly convoluted, but otherwise everyone could unsubscribe anyone and could do it anonymously. Regretfully security and simplicity do not like each other.

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