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This is a gateway to the archives of software (and tips on software use/installation) that accummulated on CCL over the years, initially as an FTP site. The software is organized by platform/operating system on which it runs. While some software is of historical value only, new additions are being submitted by the CCL community. Please upload software using guidelines at: and grow this archive. It is especially important now, when scientific software became a commodity. Software and the source code has important educational and practical value. Even short software utilities or scripts can be very helpful and can seed further enhancements and new development. Share and use, and we will all be better off... Click on the directory name on the left to see what is available.

Name Last modified Size Description
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[Directory] AIX 17-Nov-1996 Directory Software for AIX machines/workstations
[Directory] DEC-ALPHA 02-Dec-1994 Directory Software for DEC-Alpha platform
[Directory] HP48 21-Mar-1994 Directory Software for HP-48G & GX calculator
[Directory] JAVA 19-Jun-2006 Directory Software in JAVA
[Directory] LINUX 18-May-2006 Directory Software for x86 Linux
[Directory] MAC 2-Feb-1997 Directory Software for the Macintosh
[Directory] MATLAB 13-Jul-2008 Directory Software written for MATLAB environment (MATLAB is a product of MathWorks)
[Directory] MS-DOS 26-Jun-2001 Directory Software for MS-DOS
[Directory] MS-WIN3 18-Mar-1998 Directory Software for Windows 3.*
[Directory] MS-WINDOWS 09-Apr-2003 Directory Software for Windows 95 and up
[Directory] OS-2 24-Oct-1995 Directory Software of OS-2
[Directory] PERL 05-Jan-2003 Directory Perl scripts
[Directory] Python 17-Dec-2009 Directory Python Software
[Text] README 02-Dec-1995 255 Notice
[Directory] SGI 11-Dec-2000 Directory Software for SGI machines
[Directory] SOURCES 08-Mar-2005 Directory Source code
[Directory] SUN 15-Apr-1992 Directory Software for SUN/SunOS/Solaris
[Directory] UNIX 24-Nov-2005 Directory Software/Scipts for UNIX
[Directory] VMS 13-Dec-1993 Directory Software for VMS
[Directory] X-WINDOW 26-Apr-2002 Directory Software for X-Windows
[Text] ls-lR 18-Jun-1997 343855 Directory listing
[Directory] to_do 17-Mar-1995 Directory Not yet categorised
[Directory] to_do1 23-Sep-1994 Directory Not yet categorised
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