Paying for CCL job announcements

The CCL.NET covers a broad area of computer applications in chemistry and life sciences and its Web site is visited by students, educators, and researchers in this field. The CCL.NET Job Page is extremely popular (about 200,000 hits per year and growing -- look at the counter at the bottom). The jobs announced there are viewed constantly by the very people that you want to hire. Once your job is posted on the Web, you will receive an invoice and information about payment options (credit/debit card [V/M/AE/D], check, or bank transfer) together with our Tax Id.

Moreover, your job announcement will be promptly listed on all major search engines. The CCL.NET is a venerable Internet service (est. 1991), and being one of the oldest Internet Web sites, it is scanned daily by all popular web crawlers and harvesting robots. Check for yourself, by placing any job synopsis line from CCL Job List in Google. Likewise, the links in your job announcement will be also scanned and indexed by major search engines.

Not only your job announcement will get the due attention of the select group of professionals, but with your support CCL.NET will continue to exist as a viable forum for the community of computational chemists. Running CCL.NET involves substantial effort and cost and your support is absolutely needed to sustain the CCL.NET. We understand that in some cases you may not have funds or means to pay for job advertising. At the same time, 100 dollars is a small price to pay for a good slate of candidates, since this is the most important condition for finding a right candidate. If you cannot pay, we will not report you to a collection agency, but at the same time, your support will be missed.

CCL.NET is an independent forum run by Jan K. Labanowski as a for profit Limited Liability Company registered in the State of Ohio under the name: Computational Chemistry List, Ltd. Running it as a non-profit charity is not practical at this time, since it would require substantial funds to support the red tape needed to obtain and maintain the 503(c)3 IRS qualification, as well as extensive accounting and tax reporting. CCL.NET is not associated or dependent upon any other organization.
Thank you in advance for your support of CCL.
Jan Labanowski