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Additional information can be found here: [here]

If you do not see a worthy conference below please submit it here (even if you are not associated with its organizers). You can submit conference/workshop using Conference Submission Page.

March 2, 2018: Lately the Conference List was used to post meetings (and even worse things) unrelated to the topic of this form. To avoid this, the submitted conferences will be silently approved (or disapproved) manually by the administrator. If your conference is approved, you will get the message about it. If not, you will not get any notice.

Disclaimer:This page consists of submissions provided by CCL users. The conference announcements on this page are not reviewed or evaluated as to their scientific content or importance. Beside prestigious conferences and important workshops you may occassionally see something that should not be here. In this case, please let me know (I will keep your comments to myself). Jan Labanowski, CCL Manager, jkl at ccl dot net.

Regular Conferences and Workshops

Tell them that you learned about it from CCL !!!

Conferences/Workshops/Meetings are ordered by date: YY.MM.DD
(For deleted conferences click on: Past Conferences)

Other Conference Sites

There are many sites that list conferences related to computer application in chemistry, materials and life sciences. Tell me ( about other links that are worth looking at and I will put them here.

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