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Contributed on Nov 24, 2005 by "Lambert van Eijck" eijck at
Generate Povray input files of all the normalmodes in a Dmol3 output file
(outmol2pov.awk) or a PCgamess output file (log2pov.awk).
Using Povray ( ) the input files are used to make pretty
pictures of your molecule with "persistance of vision". 
You will also need to grab the file: atomicmass.dat and place it in the current

REQUIRED: awk ( and povray (

	awk -f log2pov.awk yourpcgamessoutputfile.log
	awk -f outmol2pov.awk yourdmol3outputfile.outmol
          (place atomicmass.dat in the current directory)

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