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Using YUM (Yellow dog Updated Modified) to update Red Hat Linux

Written by Jan Labanowski: jkl at in Oct 2003. Up to recently I used apt+rpm package to keep my Red Hat Linux in sync with updates: But recently I had problems with the site and looked at another updates. Tell you what... I may even like it more... Go to: and read. Then click on the [Download] link on the left navigation bar and retrieve the RPM archive which is good for me (for Red Hat 9, I took the yum-2.0.4-1.noarch.rpm whose local copy is here. Then, I installed RPM as: rpm -Uhv yum-2.0.4-1.noarch.rpm It is ready to go, and you can update your RedHat by typing: yum update It will first check what is installed, produce a list of things which need to be updated, and then asks you: Is it OK Say yes, and it will keep getting the rpm packages from the yum repository and installing them for you. It will even update kernel for you... Occassionally yum was hunging up on me, especially on older computers... If you see that for an hour nothing changes in the xterm window where you typed "yum update", open another window, type: reboot and when your computer is up again, type "yum update" again at the root prompt to finish the job.
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