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Java3D Molecular Visualisation System is a continually developing molecular
visualisation tool implemented using Java and Java3D technology.
JMVS is distributed with source code under the GNU General Public License. 

The JMVS Project was originally more about how to achieve good Object Oriented
Analysis and Design than to provide a piece of software for biochemists to
use. However, now the basic software model has been completed in Java and the
new Java3D media extension the continued devleopment of a free on-line
molecular viewer with high quality 3D graphics is useful. Java3D is currently
implemented on PCs using OpenGL or Microsoft's DirectX, on Sun Sparcs using
OpenGL, on SGI IRIX workstations and soon HP-UX. There is also a LINUX version
available along with the required Java1.2 platform from Blackdown's web site. 
JMVS is developed by Allistair D Crossley BSc.
For more information please visit 

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