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Date: Sat Jan 27 22:43:23 2024
Subject: 24.01.27 Postdoctoral and PhD Positions in Computational Biology and Biophysics, USA
The Chen Lab, in the Departments of Physics, Biochemistry, and the Institute for Data Science 
and Informatics at the University of Missouri-Columbia is seeking highly motivated candidates 
to fill positions as postdoctoral researchers and PhD graduate research assistants (PhD graduate 
students). The primary focus of these positions will involve conducting computational 
investigations into RNA biology and therapeutics, employing a combination of physical modeling 
and machine learning methodologies. Ongoing research includes RNA structure prediction, 
RNA-targeted drug discovery, and the computational design of CRISPR systems.

Requirements for Postdoctoral Applicants: (a) A PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, 
Data Science, or a closely related field. (b) Demonstrated strength in computational studies. 
Familiarity with machine learning techniques would be helpful.

Requirements for PhD Applicants: (a) A BS or MS in Physics or Bioinformatics/Data Science. 
(b) Proven strength in quantitative analysis. Previous research experience is preferred 
but not mandatory.

Interested applicants should send an email with CV to Prof. Shi-Jie Chen at chenshi a

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