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Date: Tue Jan 2 12:32:49 2024
Subject: 24.01.02 Postdoctoral opening: Applied DFT to bioinorganic compounds and bioenzymes
A postdoctoral position is available at Department of Chemistry, Jeonbuk 
National University (JBNU) in the field of applied Density Functional Theory 
to bioinorganic compounds and bioenzymes.

The successful applicant should have a Ph.D. in the area of computational 
chemistry or other fields relevant to this position. Previous experience 
with UNIX/Linux and DFT calculations on transition metals, particularly 
transition state and reaction pathway searches, is a requirement. Experience 
with QM/MM calculations in biochemical settings is meriting. Quality is more 
meriting than quantity.

JBNU main campus is in Jeonju, renowned for its food and traditional Korean 
culture. Salary will be at KRW 3 million per month including the usual 
social insurances. The contract time is one year with the option of 
extending it upon mutual agreement.
Interested applicants should send a CV to Assoc. Prof. Kyung-Bin Cho, 
workforkyung- Please also state the earliest possible starting 
date. Review of applicants will start February 1st, and a selected pool of 
applicants will be asked for reference letters and video interviews shortly 
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