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Date: Tue Sep 10 05:31:57 2019
Subject: 20.06.18 Andy Vinter Memorial Meeting and Cresset User Group Meeting, Cambridge, UK
June 18-19, Cambridge, UK

Andy Vinter Memorial Meeting and Cresset User Group Meeting

Join us in a tribute to Andy Vinter and reflect on how his groundbreaking
research formed the scientific foundation of Cresset, and has continued
to underpin our technical development.

As well as invited presentations from leading researchers in our field,
Cresset scientists will present our latest science and showcase upcoming
solutions to help your chemists design the best molecules as efficiently
as possible.

Whether you are new to Cresset, have been with us from the beginning, or are
just intrigued to find out more about the solutions we offer, we look forward
to seeing you there.

Who should attend by role?
Computational chemist, Medicinal chemist, Synthetic chemist, Flavor chemist,
Fragrance chemist, Head of discovery, Head of modeling and simulation,
Head of R&D,Research Scientist, CSO.

Who should attend by industry?
Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Biotech, Flavor, Fragrance, Chemical

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