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Date: Sun May 29 01:09:47 2011
Subject: 11.06.19 Excited State Processes 2011, Santa Fe, NM, USA
The Optical Probes Conference and Excited State Processes
Optical Probes of Conjugated Polymers and Organic Nanostructures
Excited State Processes in Electronic and Bio Nanomaterials
June 19, 2011 - June 24, 2011
Santa Fe Convention Center
201 W. Marcy
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

The scope of the current conference is a variety of excited state 
phenomena in technologically important materials and biosystems, 
including size-dependent and time-dependent electronic interactions,
excited state dynamics, quantum confinement, and carrier transport, 
emphasizing similarity of the phenomena rather than specifics of 
the systems.

Topics Include:

    * Organic and polymeric materials (photophysics, chemistry, and 

    * Organic/polymeric electronic devices (energy transfer and charge 

    * Carbon nanotubes (ultrafast processes and functional devices)

    * Organo-metallic complexes (excited state potentials and 

    * Semiconductor nanocrystals and metal nanoparticles (from novel 
      structures to novel physical phenomena)

    * Biosystems (conformations, energy/charge transport, spectroscopy 
      and photosynthesis)

    * Organic and inorganic nanostructured photovoltaic phenomena 
      (physics, chemistry, and devices)

    * Molecular and supramolecular ordered assembly at nanoscales

    * Energy transfer phenomena and chemico- and bio-sensors

    * Spin dynamics in organic systems

Limited support for junior researchers including postdocs and students is 

We intend to support junior researchers (postdocs and students) who 
present at the OP2011/ESP2011 conference. Awards will be up to $500 
toward travel expenses (e.g. hotel and airfare). To apply to this 
funding, please:

1) Register and upload your abstract before May 15, taking an advantage 
   of early registration fee $200;

2) Send an e-mail to Sergei Tretiak with a brief explanation of financial 
   need and attach your abstract.

Lodging is now available through the Hotel St. Francis. Please contact 
them at (800) 529-5700 or (505) 992-5863 to reserve lodging. Please 
mention the "Excited States" conference to receive the discounted rate 
of $102.50.

Sponsored by: Center for Nonlinear Studies (CNLS); Center for Integrated 
Nanotechnologies (CINT); Theoretical, Chemistry, Materials Physics and 
Applications, and Bioscience Divisions at Los Alamos National Laboratory; 
and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy.
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