CCL: Fast searching of articles related to your PubMed indexed paper

 Sent to CCL by: "Yaoqi  Zhou" [yaoqi.zhou{=}]
 Are you spending too much time searching the literature to prepare your grant
 proposals, manuscripts
 and keeping track of research happening in your field? We have built a
 literature-based search engine
 ( which is powered by a
 combination of state-of-the-art methods to
 locate relevant PubMed articles to your published papers within a few seconds.
 While providing you the ability to locate relevant articles, we are seeking your
 feedback regarding the
 performance of these algorithms. By annotating recommended articles as relevant,
 relevant, or irrelevant, you are participating in a community-wide effort of
 establishing a gold-standard
 benchmark for relevant literature search.
 The accuracy of this benchmark is ensured by your domain knowledge and
 experience as your
 judgements will be based in the context of your own article. With your
 expertise, the entire process
 will take only a few minutes to complete (1 paper, 6 recommendations). Upon
 completion, this
 community-wide dataset will be available to freely download and redistribute,
 development of next-generation literature searching and retrieval methodologies,
 something we all
 desperately need.
 Due to current data availability, this relevant-paper search is limited to
 papers indexed by PubMed
 between January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2016 (the end of last year). Click to start. As this is a
 product in development, any constructive
 comments and suggestions will be truly appreciated.
 If you like this idea of community-wide benchmark for literature recommendation,
 please forward this
 email to your colleagues in the scientific community.
 Here are some of initial feedbacks.
 The process was certainly fast!,
 Although the articles found in the search were not necessarily exactly relevant,
 many are articles that
 I don't think I would have come across easily with a traditional search,
 Very nice work. I think there can be a longer list (limited to 30 currently).
 Works quite well for
 protein design and GWAS area. I even found a good review that I missed before
 Thank you very much for this very useful search engine. I found many papers in
 my field. I am
 surprised that google didnt provide me those papers.
 The speed of search engine is very fast; the results are very relevant and more
 accurate(compared to
 ""); the results also include some papers ignored by me,
 which is helpful.
 Being a lazy student I found this is the easiest and perhaps best way to explore
 the literature related
 to the my work. I found more paper using this search engine as compared to
 traditional one. Thank
 Works quite well for protein design and GWAS area. I even found a good review
 that I missed before"
 Support the website development by annotating your papers.
 Thank you!
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