CCL:G: How To Specify DMF Solvent In Gaussian Input

Hi, is the page
 that lists all the solvents available.
 Try using "n,n-DiMethylFormamide" instead of "DMF"
 Ed Holland
 On 28 Nov 2011, at 18:49, Vel Murugan G murugan4chemistry^^ wrote:
 > Sent to CCL by: "Vel Murugan G" [murugan4chemistry,+,]
 > Dear CClers
 > 	I need to run a PCM calculation with dimethylformamide DMF) as the
 solvent. I was trying to specify DMF using the PCM model in Gaussian which is
 not mentioned in the calculation part of the Gauss View. Does anyone know how to
 specify DMF solvent in Gaussian input? Kindly help me.
 > Thanks in advance
 > With Regards
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