CCL: introducing DISTiL

Dear Colleagues

We are happy to announce the public beta version of our technology platform DISTiL.  We invite you to give DISTiL a spin and would appreciate your feedback.

DISTiL is a powerful semantic data integration and knowledge mining platform, that allows one to discover and connect data hidden in the silos of the deep web. An intuitive interface, unique in its simplicity, allows the user to ask complex questions and find answers within minutes. The data sources that have been integrated thus far are: ChEBI, ChEMBL, UniProt, Entrez Gene, OMIM, DrugBank, CTD and PharmGKB.

Take a quick tour by watching the demo video ( or learn more about it from our website ( 



Kalpana Krishnaswami
CEO and Founder
Metaome Science Informatics (P) Ltd.

email: kalpana(~)
phone: +919880518472(cell phone)