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Please check if these books are available in the local price.

Many such books are now available at affordable prices in developing countries, which many are'nt aware of. If they are neither affordable nor available in your university library, the only other choice is to access a central public libraries or the libraries in state/central government run instutions which have courses in bioinformatics/computational chemistry/quantum mechanics. Other than this, societies like RSC have access to their digital libraries for their members. You could try such sources if you have membership.

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Is this legal?


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> Hello Everybody,
> If any one have electronic copy of these two books, please send me as an attached document.
> 1.A Laboratory Book of Computational Organic Chemistry
> by: W.J. Hehre, A.J. Shusterman, and W.W. Huang and
> 2.Computational Advances In Organic Chemistry: Molecular Structure And Reactivity by Cemil Vgretir, Imre G. Csizmadia, Cemil Ogretir.
> Thanks in advance.
> Vijay Tak>>>>>

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