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Please don't bring this topic again in CCL.
We just had a very detailed discussion few months
ago. You can try to find these books from a local
university library, at least this way be on the safe side.
Or otherwise, try to buy them if you can afford, or borrow
them from a friend/supervisor. Nobody here will send you
electronic copy of copyrighted books. It is illegal, and is
not a good practice.

best wishes


On 9 November 2011 11:53, Vijay Kumar Tak <owner-chemistry]![> wrote:

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Hello Everybody,
If any one have electronic copy of these two books, please send me as an attached document.
1.A Laboratory Book of Computational Organic Chemistry
by: W.J. Hehre, A.J. Shusterman, and W.W. Huang and
2.Computational Advances In Organic Chemistry: Molecular Structure And Reactivity by Cemil Vgretir, Imre G. Csizmadia, Cemil Ogretir.
Thanks in advance.
Vijay Tak

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