CCL:G: TDDFT calculation for a metal complex

 Sent to CCL by: "Vel Murugan G" []
 Dear CClers
  I am doing a TDDFT calculation for a metal complex using the gen b3lyp (lanl2dz
 for metal and 6-31g* for remaining atoms) optimized geometry. The calculation
 ended with the following message.
  Spurious integrated density or basis function:
  NE= 384 NElCor=    0 El error=2.70D+01 rel=7.03D-02 Tolerance=1.00D-03
  Shell     6     absolute error=6.22D-10              Tolerance=1.20D-02
  Shell     2       signed error=5.59D-13              Tolerance=1.00D-01
  Inaccurate quadrature in CalDSu.
  Error termination via Lnk1e in C:\G03W\l801.exe at Tue Nov 08 00:09:06 2011
  My input file keywords are as follows:
  #p td=(nstates=10) b3lyp gen pseudo=read scf=(maxcyc=400)
  Please suggest me the solution.
  Thanks in advance.
  Velmurugan G