CCL: Question Szabo/Ostlund Ex.1.14

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 Dear Martin,
 Start from the (first) mean value theorem of integral calculus (
 You need to assume that function a is continuous (otherwise the theorem does not
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 On 3 Nov, 2011, at 16:56 10, Martin Hediger wrote:
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 > Dear List
 > I also posted this question to the google.gamess user group, but was
 encouraged to do so here. I'm new to the CCL and looking forward to interesting
 > I was trying to solve ex. 1.14 from Szabo/Ostlund. If
 > d(x) = \lim_{eps->\infinity} d_eps(x),
 > where
 > d_eps(x) = 1/(2eps) when -eps <= x <= eps and d_eps(x)=0 else,
 > we are supposed to show that
 > the value of a function a(0) = \int dx a(x) d(x)
 > My Ansatz was to insert the definition into the integral, but then I'm
 > not exactly seeing how to treat the limit function.
 > How does one show this?
 > Thank you for any suggestions.
 > Martin