CCL:G: freeze becomes build in Gaussian-09

 Sent to CCL by: "Holly  Freedman" [hpfreedma]*[]
 Dear CCL subscribers,
 I have been having trouble with a Gaussian-09 Calculation.  I am asking the
 program to freeze a certain distance between two atoms.  When the program reads
 my input (.com file) and it gets to this ModRedundant section, it reads the
 freeze (F) as a build (B).  Has anyone ever had this experience and do you know
 what to do about it, please?
 My Modredundant section in the com file is:
 B 7 14 3.000000 F
 but the log file says
  The following ModRedundant input section has been read:
  B       7      14 3.0000 B
 Thanks in advance,