CCL: "Visions of a Semantic Molecular Future" - Symposium for Peter Murray-Rust, Cambridge/UK, 17 Jan 2011

 Sent to CCL by: "Andreas Bender, PhD" []
 Dear CCL'lers,
 In order to celebrate the life and scientific contributions of
 Professor Peter Murray-Rust in both industry and academia the Unilever
 Centre for Molecular Sciences in Cambridge/UK would like to cordially
 invite you to the following event:
 "Visions of a Semantic Molecular Future" - A Symposium to celebrate
 the Career of Professor Peter Murray-Rust
 (for a full programme please see
 The symposium will take place on 17 January 2011 in the Unilever
 Centre, part of the Department of Chemistry of the University of
 Professor Murray-Rust's career spans academic positions in Stirling,
 Nottingham and Cambridge and the establishment of one of the earliest
 Molecular Graphics laboratories with Glaxo in the early 80's. More
 recently, he has become well known for his contributions to the Open
 Data movement and various Open Source developments, such as within the
 Blue Obelisk framework.
 In order to acknowledge Professor Murray-Rust's contributions to
 science we are now organizing this symposium. Everyone is welcome to
 attend, in particular of course the large number of people he has been
 involved with on a scientific, as well as a personal basis.
 Participation at the symposium is free, please just register your
 interest via e-mail with Susan Begg (smb28^-^ until the end of
 Best wishes and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Cambridge soon,
 Andreas Bender, PhD
 Lecturer for Molecular Informatics
 Unilever Centre, Cambridge University