CCL: NBO and NTO Visualization

Title: NBO and NTO Visualization
Can anyone tell me exactly how to handle the output from an NBO or NTO calculation?  I am specifically looking to visualize the NBO from a .fchk file in GV5 or possible chemcraft..  Am I trying to visualize the density of all occupied orbitals?  

For the NTO, which orbital or density do I pick to visualize in order to see the ‘particle’ or the ‘hole’ as referenced in Miller, JCP, 118 (2003)?  

I have found a few good sites on NBO visualization, but none on NTO.  The fact is that they are starting of at a point past where my knowledge begins!  

If anyone has the time and patience to walk me through this – I would be appreciative.  It feels a bit like when I was learning C++ and very few people I asked for advice remembered what it was like to know nothing about C++.  Thus, their advice sounded like something from a Klingon text.
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