CCL: Hints for computer purchasing

 Sent to CCL by: Vincent Leroux [vincent.leroux[a]]
 Hi Massimo,
 For $6000 I would personally go for a small cluster of 8 nodes, 1 4-core
 CPU each. Try to get entry-level motherboards from Asus or Gigabyte
 (reliable brands) with no fancy features and integrated graphic circuit,
 solid power supplies (I mean, reliable brand like Seasonic, Antec,
 Enermax, Fortron, and the ~400 W models, not the 800 W "made for
 ones), 4 GB memory per node, low capacity hard drive (or no hard drive
 at all for the nodes if you feel like you can install and use dedicated
 Linux distributions like PelicanHPC).
 A rough estimate (these are the prices you can get quite easily in France):
 8 4-core CPUs (e.g. Intel Q8300) ~ 1200 €
 8 motherboards (e.g. Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L) ~ 400 €
 8 cases with included power supply (e.g. Antec NSK 6580 430W - avoid the
 "first price, no brand" ones *at all costs*) ~ 800 €
 8 4 GB DDR2 RAM kits (2x2 GB) ~ 1000 €
 8 hard drives (e.g. Seagate 7200.12 250 GB) ~ 400 €
 1 16*Gigabit switch + cables ~ 100 €
 One or several good UPS devices, if the power sockets in the building
 are not protected already ~ 500 €
 I would also suggest backup spare parts, just in case: 2 hard drives, 2
 power supplies, 2 12 cm fans, 1 motherboard, 1 RAM kit. Do not forget to
 make sure the cluster is placed in a well-cooled dedicated room, without
 the cases being stacked together: when such setups are pushed at full
 power, things can get really warm and noisy...
 Of course I assume you are not afraid of building your own computer
 setup from the spare parts!
 Le 11/05/10 14:17, Massimo Ottonelli massimo],[ a écrit :
 > Sent to CCL by: Massimo Ottonelli [massimo],[]
 >  Dear all,
 >     maybe I am a little bit off-topic but I would like to have your
 > hints for the better  purchasing
 >     of a "workstation" focused on quantum chemical calulations
 with the
 > bugget of about 6000$.
 >    Regards,
 >   Massimo