CCL:G: Confusing issue of Raman intensity Vs Static polarizability

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 > Dear Kzys!!
 > Yes I am a gaussian03 Rev user but Your comments a bit confusing for me as
 > in G03 manual it is clearly mentioned that by using Freq=Raman you can
 > "Compute Raman intensities in addition to IR intensities" so I am
 > understanding ur point of view.
 Yes, it is true. It is true that in the Gaussian manual is clearly
 mentioned that the program calculates Raman Intensities. But this
 statement is not true, Gaussian does not serve Raman Intensities directly.
 This is the reason of many mistakes. I do not know why Gaussian team does
 not correct its manual.
 I think that Vasile Chis clear some things in His letter. I can only add
 that relationship that can be used for converting calculated Raman
 activities to  Raman intensities can be found also in
 Michalska, Wysokinski, Chemical Physics Letters 403 (2005) 211?217
 I think that the authors of this publication can send anyone free software
 for calculation of Raman Intensities from Gaussian output
 > There are some good quality of publications where they show computed raman
 > intensities with gaussian e.g.
 >  J. AM. CHEM. SOC. 2005, 127, 10977-10981.pdf
 > So I have stoped my work and first want to confirm it.
 > Secondly, my calculated Freq value of Raman spectrum is in good agreement
 > to the experimental value for specific mode of vibrations after scaling. I
 > am not comparing directlt intensity with intensity.My purpose is to show
 > increase of intensity or activity upon intercalation of metal atom.What do
 > you think in this regard?
 > I need your comments in detail especially in view of above references
 In this case maybe you do not have to transform Raman Activities from
 Gaussian into Raman Intensities. Of course bigger Raman Activity denote
 stronger Raman Intensity for a particular band. The problem occur if you
 want to reproduce the shape of whole raman spectrum for a molecule. On the
 other hand calculation of Raman Intensities from Raman Activities is not
 very complicated.