CCL:G: Raman intensity Vs Static polarizability

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 Do you mean that G03 does not calculate Raman Cross-section ?
 I believe you are wrong.
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 Dear Mi Yang
 I want to warn you if you are Gaussian user.
 Gaussian does not calculate  Raman Intensities
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  Raman intensity is related to the square
  of the derivative of polarizability with respect
  to the normal coordinates of the vibrationnal mode.
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  Dr Favaro
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  Dear CCL users,
  I need some comments or refs about my problem. I am studying the
 interaction of a metal with a boron cluster. I found the large increase
 of static polarizability and hyperpolarizability upon interaction of
 metal atom to that boron cluster. I also calculated the Raman spectrum
 which also showed high increase of intensity in metal boron cluster. I
 read some indirect relationship b/m these two properties but now in spite
 of my best efforts I could not find the direct relationship between
 Static polarizability and Raman intensity. Anybody who knows any ref or
 comments about this relationship (Static
 polarizability/hyperpolarizability and Raman intensity) would be highly