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 Leadscope has the FDA Marketed Drugs database that shows discontinued
 drugs; however, it doesn't specifically list why the was discontinued.
 More information is available on this database at
 including a short pre-recorded demonstration.
 Mike Conley
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 I am not aware of a single database which contains this information, but
 most of the prominent medical journals (e.g. NEJM, JAMA, Lancet, Annals
 of Internal Medicine, etc) began requiring in 2005 that all clinical
 trials be registered at their initiation in order for them to be
 considered for publication at a later date. was
 referenced back in the original article as being the only registry at
 that time (2004) which met their criteria. This site is relatively new
 (i.e. will only have data from this decade) but going forward this could
 be a valuable resource. From the follow up article in these journals
 regarding trial registration (2007) it stated that an additional four
 registries were created or became compliant since the original
 publication that met their criteria (sadly, they don't list these
 registries). One of these might be the WHO registry which can be found
 If you go to either of the sites and simply search for the terms
 terminated or withdrawn it gives you a long list of studies which can be
 viewed. You can pair these terms with therapeutic areas as well for more
 detailed searches.
 With regards to approved drugs, the FDA reported a list of drugs
 withdrawn up to 2005 in the following document:
 And active post-market studies can be found here:
 Hopefully, you will be able to find some or all of these sites useful.
 Best of luck,
 Joe Corkery
 OpenEye Scientific Software
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 Does anyone maintain a well-curated list of failed drugs or failed drug
 candidates and when they failed e.g., Phase II, Phase III, market, etc.
 Such a list might be useful for making comparisons to drugs which did
 Useful literature references or other sources of information would be
 much appreciated.
 Jim Metz
 Abbott Laboratories
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