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 >dear CCLers,
 >I am a teacher of theoritical chemistry, �and i loock
 >resolved on the folowing subjects( if it is a possible):
 >1- solution of the Schrodinger equation for the hydrogen atom
 >2- Variation method
 >3- huckel simple
 I would suggest starting with the Journal of Chemical Education.  There is
 a web-based collection of exercises using computer algebra systems that
 address all areas of chemistry, including a number directed toward
 theoretical chemistry.  Included are topics such as:
 Symbolic Math Approach To Solve Particle-in-the-Box and H-Atom Problems
 Construction of the Electronic Angular Wave Functions and Probability
 Distributions of the Hydrogen Atom
 Exploring Orthonormal Functions
 Exploring the Harmonic Oscillator Wave Function Components
 Potential Barriers and Tunneling
 Visualization of Wavefunctions of the Ionized Hydrogen Molecule
 Variational Methods Applied to the Particle in a Box
 and many others - these are all part of the SymMath Collection -
 One of the features I edit for the Journal, the WebWare feature, also has
 some theoretical chemistry applications including:
 Restricted Hartree-Fock SCF Calculations Using Microsoft Excel
 Self-Consistent Field Calculations Spreadsheet
 The Effect of Anharmonicity on Diatomic Vibration: A Spreadsheet Simulation
 Hückel Determinant Solver
 These are at
 The print version of the Journal also contains many articles dealing with
 theoretical chemistry topics.
 All of these are part of the National Science Digital Library -
 I hope this helps,
 William F. Coleman
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 Editor, JCE WebWare and JCE Featured Molecules