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I think there is no such kind of database, but you can look in some drug-related databases
- Prous (now Thomson Reuters) - seems most comprehensive to my mind (no an ad...) - MDL Drug data report (now Symyx) - categories withdrawn and discontinued are exist
 - PHARMA ( - seems only drug in development
- etc...there are a lot of drug databases from various vendors as also open access (I think)
But for the most interest not the list itslef but the reason for the failure - that database will be priceless :) (eg
 Vladimir Chupakhin
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 Does anyone maintain a well-curated list of failed drugs or failed drug
 candidates and when they failed e.g., Phase II, Phase III, market, etc.
 Such a list might be useful for making comparisons to drugs which did not
 Useful literature references or other sources of information would be much
 Jim Metz
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