CCL:G: G03W and 64bit

 Sent to CCL by: "David  Hose" [anthrax_brothers()]
 I too run G03 rev E.01 on an XP-64 machine without any problems.  The
 calculations will run fine
 on my dual core - dual processor system with the calculation tasked across all
 four cores (where
 G03 allows it).  The major bug bear is the 32-bit addressing, so only have
 access to ca 3 Gb of RAM
 and a total of ca 16 Gb scratch files.  So with those limitations, running high
 levels of theory and
 composite methods can be a little hit and miss even on relatively small
 molecules. :-(
 Sent to CCL by: Steve Williams [willsd..*]
 I have G03W E.01 running on a dual core opteron machine under XP-64. It
 does take advantage of both cores (with %nprocshared=2) but I think it
 does do 32-bit dis addresses, so it does not get around the scratch file
 size limitations of 32 bit versions of G03. It is pretty quick and I do
 like seeing the task manager reporting nearly 100% use of cpu for DFT jobs.
 Steve Williams
 Anastasios Papadopoulos anastp^ wrote:
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 > Hi,
 > I will ask if somebody knows, the Gaussian 03W E.01 version works in
 > 64bit Windows XP?
 > Thanks in advance.>;
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