CCL: Computational methods employed in drug discovery and generic drug development.

Dear CCLers,

Greetings and best wishes.

I am very keen to shape my career as a researcher in molecular modeling area applied to pharmaceutical drug discovery and development through computational methods.

My educational background (Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences, India) helped me understand subjects like medicinal chemistry, life sciences (from the pharmacology point of view), and also basics of physical pharmacy (solid state, thermodynamics etc).

I have a decent working knowledge in the implementation of computational drug discovery methodologies like - Denovo, Structure based, Pharmacophore and QSAR and I now seek to understand the computational methodologies employed in drug development methodologies like - Virtual polymorph screening and prediction, Analysis of powder X-ray diffraction data, Morphology control, (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)-excipient interactions, Simulation of delivery systems etc. Therefore I intend to pursue a Masters / PhD program targeted towards these areas in pharmaceutical domain.

Soon after, as a next step after Masters / PhD, I would also like to seek education in the applications of nanotechnology in drug design and delivery.

I have been doing a lot of homework trying to identify Universities or Research groups which have such programs. I would like to request you to please help me identify any such programs / professors working in this combined area across the globe if you know of any.

Any help is highly appreciated.

With warm regards,