CCL: Any open-sourced generation algorithm for Connolly molecular surface??

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 Subject: CCL: Re: Any open-sourced generation algorithm for Connolly molecular
 Do you mean:
 (a) Computing the surface area
 (b) Viewing graphically the surface area
 For (a), use the freeware ASV (Monte-Carlo and/or analytical calculation):
 The free MC routines sources are in f77, but are callable in C.
 It works for a null radius probe sphere (i.e. van der Waals surface or SAS).
 For (b), do a Google search.
 Remark: the analytical Connolly molecular surface algorithm fails in most
 situations because intersections or more than 3 spheres exist, unless
 atomic radii are very small (as it occurs in commercial softwares !!!).
 Atomic radii recommended in the literature induce intersections of
 6 spheres in many cases (see Bondi, Gavezzotti, etc.).
 Worse: it has been demonstrated that surfaces are highly sensitive
 to atomic radii.
 ASV performs the analytical computation in all situations, for any radii values.
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 > Hi, CCLers
 > Recently I am dealing with molecular surface generation. Is there any
 open-sourced alogrithm for this purpose? A C/C++ library would be very
 appreciated. Thanks in advance.
 > Best regards,