CCL: Summary re: conformational analysis tools

Folks, as you recall, I was interested in open-source conformational analysis codes as prototypes for pre- and post-processing in a GUI.  There were a number of good suggestions, and I thought I'd summarize:

The open-source alternatives were Tinker and Open Babel tools.  The former is a nice package, but probably more complex that I'm interested in.  The latter seems to have generator and minimizer routines that bear looking into.

Several commercial packages were suggested: Vconf from Verachem, Omega from OpenEye and Marvin from ChemAxon.  There are other commercial alternatives out there, but they're not what I need.

I'm not sure where smi23d comes in, but I recall several postings about it over the last few months and will check up on it at some point.  As always, any advice > from the CCL readers is welcome!

Joe Leonard

P.S. I want to wish everybody the best for this holiday season, and may '08 be a good year for you!

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