CCL: Looking for a structure to name conversion software

I am presently involved in writing a book chapter regarding Name to Structure conversion. Dennis, would you please contact me offline to discuss the objective criteria you used to compare the three products. Thanks


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Subject: CCL: Looking for a structure to name conversion software


The options for converting names to structures are three companies/products:


  1. ACD has a batch program.
  2. Cambridgesoft has a batch program.
  3. OpenEyes has a product LexiChem. 


I evaluated all three in 2006 and preferred Lexichem. 


I am unaware of any free software. 


-- Dennis


Dennis G. Sprous, PhD

Chemoinformatics/Computational Chemistry

RedPointBio Inc.

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Subject: CCL: Looking for a structure to name conversion software


ChemOffice may do that better, but it is commerical software.

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Hi All,

Is there any tool  to convert 1000 structures to name at a stretch? it would be better if it is available freely.


M. Saravanan

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