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Hi, I am doing the physical organic chemistry calculations. I am curious about Molecular imaging and want to learn more, could I join your discussion group?

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I am interested in the application of computatinal chemistry in the development of molecular imaging agents, and contrast media in general. In the past I did work on a putative MRI contrast agent based on a Manganese Metalloporphyrin.

With the recent introduction of a new journal, 'Contrast Media', database, MICAD, and interest group by the Society of Nuclear Medicine (Molecular Imaging), the time seems right to identify those members of the computational chemistry community whose interest is in the development of molecular imaging agents and contrast media.

My interest is to exchange ideas, and see how we could promote computational chemistry as a means to expedite the development of new molcular imaging agents and contrast media.

It seems to me that even within the chemistry community, this endeavor remains a small fraction of the work done by computational chemists. It also seems relatively unknown among the larger radiology/nuclear medicine departments that work on developing such agents.

I am sending this e-mail to the CCL community in the hopes of compiling a list of individuals with interest in this field. If you would like to start a special interest group (for now simple exchange of e-mail addresses), please let me know.

Thank you for your time!

Gustavo A. Mercier, Jr. MD,PhD
Boston Medical Center
Radiology - Nuclear Medicine (preferred e-mail address)

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