CCL:G: Materials Studio 4.2 available now from Accelrys

 Sent to CCL by: "George  Fitzgerald" [gxf(-)]
 Dear Computational Chemists
 Accelrys announces the availability of Materials Studio 4.2. New modules include
  o Gaussian(r) UI - a graphical interface to Gaussian 03
  o Adsorption Locator - a simulated annealing tool for docking guest molecules
 to surfaces or onto nanoclusters
 Other new features include
  o New modules accessible through the MaterialsScript API:
      DMol3, Polymorph, Reflex Powder Refinement,
      Reflex Powder Crystallinity, and Reflex QPA
  o New Reflex tool for predicting the degree of crystallinity of a sample
  o Graphical builder for mesoscale templates
  o Force field fitting tools for GULP
  o Additional analysis capabilities in Forcite.
 For more information please visit the Materials Studio 4.2 web site at
 All the best,
 George Fitzgerald