CCL: Contour Plot Program for Intel Macs

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 On Thursday 21 September 2006 17:44, Ben Shepler bcshepl]-[ wrote:
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 > I am looking for a program to make contour plots that is compatible with
 > Mac OSX.  In the past we have used Transform, but it is a classic
 > application and classic is not supported by the new Intel machines.
 > I've experimented with gnuplot, but the options for customizing the
 > colors seem pretty limited, as is the ability to label contours.  Perhaps
 > there are some more advanced gnuplot options that I am not aware of?
 > I've also downloaded a trial version of the commercial program Igor Pro,
 > and it seems to do okay.  Any Igor users have any opinions.  It is quite
 > expensive at ~400 for an academic license.
 > Anyone aware of any other options?
 > Thank you in advance.
 Should run on any Unix (OSX).
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