CCL: gamess

 Sent to CCL by: "Pablo A. Denis" [pablod^]
 Hi CCLers,
           I am having some problems to install gamess under AIX 5.3 power5 proc,
 employing the following software: ESSL4.0, XLF10.1 and XLC8.0.
 1- The compilation goes without any error messages in compall.log, lked.log
 compddi.log (the blaswrap is used), however six examples crashed, 5, 14, 19
 (GUGA=CITYP) and 23, 25 and 27 (semiempirical pm3 and am1). The error message is
 the same:
 DDI process 0: trapped a segmetnation fault (SIGSEGV)
 Any hint to figure out where is the mistake?
 2- I have compiling gamess with level -O3, higher optimization -O4 and -O5
 failed. I had problems in the compilation of three fiels, int2d int2f, grd2b.
 any suggestions?
 Many thanks in advance.
             University of Uruguay