CCL: NGC2007 in Arizona: Deadline for abstract submission is October 1st

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 Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics and Photonics
 > From Atoms to Materials to Devices to System Architecture
 Symposium and Spring School (Tutorial Lectures)
 Phoenix, Arizona, March 12-16, 2007
 Dear Colleagues:
 We invite you to join the NGC2007 conference, 3rd Nano & Giga Forum, which
 will be held during the spring break 2007 at the main campus of Arizona State
 University. The team of NGC2007 organizers and invited speakers include science
 and technology leaders from the top universities, international companines and
 national laboratories world wide. The Nobel Prize laureates, Nicolas Bloembergen
 and John Polyani, will be presenting lectures at the Symposium. In addition to
 the exciting technical program organizers will offer a diversified networking
 and social program to assist in establishing productive research and business
 Deadline for the abstract submission is OCTOBER 1st!
 On-line registration, abstract submission, hotel booking and constantly updated
 information are available at the meeting web site:
 Participants are invited to submit papers in the following areas:
 -atomic scale materials design: theory and experiment
 - bio- and molecular electronics and photonics
 - high frequency electronics
 - fabrication of nanodevices
 - magnetic materials and spintronics
 - materials and processes for integrated and subwave optoelectronics
 - nanoCMOS: new materials for FETs and other devices
 - nanoelectronics system architecture
 - nano optics and lasers
 - non-silicon materials and devices
 - quantum effects in devices
 The scientific program combines the Spring School (tutorial lectures, first 2
 days) and the Symposium (last 3 days).The program of the Symposium includes
 plenary talks in the morning, and parallel sessions (oral or poster
 presentations) in the afternoon.  The tutorial lectures and invited research
 papers will be presented by experts from the leading academic and
 industrial research centers and government labs world wide. The organizers also
 expect many young talents from different countries and in addition to an
 exciting scientific program plan to organize a wide variety of social events to
 enhance opportunities for communication. About 500 participants and guests from
 more than 50 countries are expected to attend the meeting.
 H. Baranger (Duke University), D. Basov (University of California San Diego),J.
 Baumberg (University of Southampton), I. Baumvol (Federal University of Rio
 Grande do Sul), N. Bloembergen (University of Arizona), M. Buttiker (University
 of Geneva), R. Chau (Intel), L. Chernozatonskii (Institute of Biochemical
 Physics), B. Chichkov (Lazer Zentrum Hannover),
 M. Ciurea (National Institute of Materials Physics), A. Dediu (CNR ISMN),
 A. Demkov (University of Texas at Austin), T. Ebbesen (Louis Pasteur
 University), A. Efros (University of Utah), G. Fagas (Tyndall Nantional
 Institute), O. Fesenko (Materials Science Institute of Madrid), T. Fujisawa (NTT
 Basic Research Laboratories), S. Goodnick (Arizona State University),
 H. Guo (McGill University), Y. Hirayama (NTT Basic Research Laboratories),
 H. Iwai (Tokyo Institute of Technology), T. Kalganova (Brunel University),
 Ki-Bum Kim (Seoul National University), R. Kawakami (University of California
 Riverside), Ran Liu (Fudan University), L. Loo (University of Texas at Austin),
 Yu. Lozovik (Institute of Spectroscopy), S. Luryi (Stony Brook Universuty), S.
 Mao (University of California Berkeley), G. Maracas (Motorola), K. Matsumoto
 (Osaka University), S. Mathur (Leibniz-Institut fuer Neue Materialien), P.
 Mueller (IBM), M. Niemier (Georgia Institute of Technology),T. Otsuji (Tohoku
 University), Z. Petrovic (Institute of Physics Belgrade), N. Peyghambarian
 (Arizona University), M. Pimenta (Federal University of Minas Gerais), J.
 Polyani (University of Toronto),
 D. Porath (Hebrew University of Jerusalem),G. Redmond (Tyndall National
 Institute), M. Reed (Yale University),E. Riedo (Georgia Institute of
 Technology), F. Rosei (University of Quebec),  O. Sankey (Arizona State
 University), W. Schmidt (University of Paderborn), T. Schulthess (Oak Ridge
 National Laboratory),Li Shi (University of Texas at Austin), Z. Shuai (Institute
 of Chemistry Beijing), D. Strukov (Stony Brook University),
 M. Vazquez (Materials Science Institute of Madrid), Z. Wang (Georgia Institute
 of Technolgy),M. Werner (NMTC),  S. Williams (Hewlett Packard), P. Yang
 (University of California Berkeley), X. Zhang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory),
 N. Zhitenev (Lucent Technologies)
 Arizona State University, Nano & Giga Solutions, National Science
 Foundation, Motorola, STMicroelectronics, Springer, Elsevier, Computational
 Chemistry List, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Office, City of Tempe,
 Oak Ridge National Lab, Quarles & Brady LLP, JEOL, SRP, Werhner von Braun
 Center for Advanced Research, Lithotech,, Arizona Technology
 Council, Arizona Nanotechnology Cluster, Arizona Optics Industry Association,
 Experts Communications, University of Paderborn,,
 nano[-]mikrosystemnaya technika,
 Please, visit our web site for further information and mark your calendar:
 We look forward to seeing you at our next Nano & Giga forum in Arizona!
 NGC2007 Organizers