CCL: Fermi resonance & Vib spectroscopy

 Dear Aron,
 I would suggest to you to study some books on vibrational spectroscopy.
 A good introduction to start with would be
 Daniel C. Harris and Michael D. Bertolucci, "Symmetry and
 Dover Publ. 1989 (originally published by Oxford University Press 1978).
 A good theoretical textbook is
 S. Califano: "Vibrational States", J. Wiley & Sons, London (1976)
 These books should be available in good chemistry libraries.
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 Hello There,
  I am basically from biology student and doing my Masters. I am not well versed
 with spectroscopy & theory and in the process of learning.
  I am doing some vibrational calculations and I have couple of fundamental
  1) I would like to know how to assign the vibrations to the frequency from
 theoretical data. I mean, how do I give the n1, n2,  n3,  ?. corresponding each
 frequency? (neu1, neu2, etc,)
  2) About Fermi resonances. How do I select the bands/modes which form the Fermi
  Also could you any one of you suggest some online materials to read/ OR >
 From where (books) to get some information related to these? I would really
 appreciate any feedback from you.
  I guess some one in this list has asked questions similar to what I like.
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