CCL: COMP: ACS Fall meeting program & opportunity for a free copy of ARCC-1

 Sent to CCL by: "Johanna  Jansen" [hanneke_jansen{:}]
 Dear COMP members and colleagues interested in becoming COMP members,
 The Executive Committee of the Computers in Chemistry division (COMP) of the ACS
 is very excited to see yet another excellent program being presented for the
 upcoming Fall meeting in San Francisco, September 10-14, by our programming
 chair and co-chair, Wendy Cornell and Jeffry Madura. We would like to remind you
 that the program details for this meeting are available on our website at
 We look forward to seeing our existing and potential new members at the meeting.
 We would like to especially welcome you to the poster session on Tuesday
 evening. As an additional incentive, we are offering a free copy of the first
 volume of the Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry (ARCC) to the first 25
 people who present the coupon available from the COMP website at that poster session.
 Only one coupon per person!
 Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry (ARCC) is a periodical providing
 timely and critical reviews of important topics in computational chemistry as
 applied to all chemical disciplines. This book is being provided as a COMP
 membership benefit. The first volume was published in 2005, and the second
 volume is coming out in the next few months. Volume 2 will be distributed to all
 members in good standing according to the 2005 year-end membership list for the
 COMP division. We encourage all members and interested colleagues to sign up for
 the COMP Division and make sure their membership is in good standing by year-end
 2006 to ensure their place on the mailing list for volume 3, coming in 2007.
 We're hoping to see you in San Francisco!
 For the Executive Committee,
 Hanneke Jansen, Secretary