CCL: CCL Moderator reminders and appeals

 Sent to CCL by: "Jan Labanowski" [janl*]
 Dear CCL Members,
 The vacations time is approaching, so few reminders:
 0) When you send a message to CCL remember that it will be posted
    ONLY after you confirm it (you will get a confirmation request
    by e-mail -- if it does not show up, check your spambox!).
 1) Advertise your job openings before students/post-docs are gone!
    If you are a group member, tell your boss about the Job Service at:
    It is a very popular/successful service and will bring you candidates!
    Please spread the word about it among those who hire and
    those who look for a job and you will be doing them a favor.
 2) Review and advertise conferences! It is easy and free (but your
    support is very WELCOME!). Go to:
    Submit interesting conferences/workshop/symposium there even
    if you are not associated with the conference.
 3) If you are leaving for prolonged vacations and your mailbox
    quota is small, please consider unsubscribing from CCL at:
    You can always resubscribe when you return, and you can
    browse the messages that you missed on the Web at:
 4) Please upload materials to CCL Archives
    You will get deserved recognition and your materials will
    be noticed by Computational Chemistry community.
 5) Please use CCL Services and support CCL. CCL is run from a private
    home and is supported ONLY by YOU. Be one of CCL Supporters!
    Consider "Adopting a CCL Page" by your company or your group.
    It will increase your web traffic and provide you with
    the beneficial publicity as a CCL Supporting organization.
    For all paid services you will get a regular Invoice, and
    you can easily pay with a Credit Card on line or by other methods,
    like company check or wire transfer.
 6) Consider ordering your copy of CCL Archives on DVD. It will allow you to
    grep/find/awk/perl/whatever the files on the DVD on your local
    computer rather than do it via Internet.
 7) CCL.NET is an old and recognized domain. It is indexed by all major
    search engines. Tell me how CCL can help you in promoting your
    web site, software, consulting, etc. You will capitalize
    on the CCL established status on the Internet and support CCL
    at the same time.  I will help you if you help CCL.
    Note... There are so many companies that service Computational
    Chemistry, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, etc., and so on...
    Ask them to support CCL! You may have learned about them by
    looking at list of CCL Links:
    yet, they do not support CCL beside the
 and the
    that "Adopted the CCL Page" and the ones listed on Supporters Page
 Thank you for your attention...
 Your CCL Moderator
 Jan Labanowski, Ph.D.
 jkl :