CCL: FREE WEBCAST: How Workflows Help Biotechs Cut Data Analytics Costs

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 Event:    How Workflows Help Biotechs ... Reduce the cost of high quality, high
 volume data analysis by using InforSense KDE
 Date and Time:
 Wednesday, June 14, 2006
 3:00pm UK /10:00am EST/7:00am PST
 6:00pm UK /1:00pm EST/10:00am PST
 Anthony Arvanites, Cheminformatics, Cambria BioSciences
 Robin Munro, Director Strategic Application Development, InforSense
 Duration:  1 hour
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 Description: Streamlining High-throughput Analytics
 Biotechnology companies typically combine demanding research tasks with rapidly
 evolving business requirements. Informatics plays a key role in this work, but
 IT resources are often limited.
 The challenge for many growing biotechnology companies is how to develop a
 cost-effective IT capability that can evolve with changing business needs.
 InforSense KDE enables companies to deal with this challenge by using a
 workflow-based integrative analytics methodology that defines and streamlines
 key information-driven research processes.  With InforSense KDE, sophisticated
 informatics applications can be easily built by scientists themselves at the
 speed of research, without the need for additional IT knowledge and support.
 Analytic workflows can be deployed to research  scientists as easy-to-use
 solutions, stored to track information-based decision-making, and used to
 support more effective collaboration with partners.
 InforSense is successfully working with many life science companies, including
 Cambria Biosciences, a Boston-based biotechnology company, to lower the cost and
 time required for high volume data analyses.
 In this webcast, showing a case study by Anthony Arvanites from Cambria
 Biosciences, you will discover how InforSense KDE delivers:
 - Cost-effective high throughput analytics without programming
 - Secure, streamlined and automated data analysis using in-database analytics
 - Knowledge capture and application through easy development and implementation
 of in-house SOPs
 - Reduced IT costs through leveraging and optimising existing IT investments
 - IP tracking by capturing how a decision is made - not just the results
 Cambria BioSciences is an innovative biotechnology company that combines the
 power of genetics, physiological disease models and high-throughput chemical
 screening to discover new drug leads and how they work.  The company has a
 focused research agenda requiring intensive analytical work but has limited IT
 resources. In 2005, Cambria acquired InforSense KDE as the main tool for
 implementing their data analysis tasks. Cambria rapidly implemented a custom
 portal of analytic applications, including compound inventory, high content
 screening analysis and predictive ADME, without needing to expand its IT
 resources. Cambria report savings in IT resources of around 35% through
 providing scientists with deployed applications built using InforSense KDE.
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