CCL: tddft for metal complexes

 Sent to CCL by: "Nuno  A. G. Bandeira" []
 Tommy Ohyun Kwon wrote:
 > Sent to CCL by: Tommy Ohyun Kwon []
 > Dear CCLers;
 > I would like to know which densify functional gives good excitation
 > of transition metal complexes, especially Pt complexes.
 > Any advice and reference would be greatly appreciated.
 > Have a good weekend!
 Any one of these functionals are known to be fairly accurate for such
 tasks: B3LYP, BP86, PW91
 I don't know which software you use but if you're looking to trace high
 lying excitation energies you should use special assymptotic potentials
 like LB94 or CS00.
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