CCL: tddft for metal complexes

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 Hi Tommy,
 As far as I know, there is not a safe recipe for excitation energies, as for
 the computation of the  ground state properties.
 In the recent literature you can find some paper about this issue. The most
 recent one (I guess...) is
 J. Chem. Theory Comput. 1, 953-962 (2005).
 Check it out!
 In any case, I would always recommend to computed excitation energies with
 different DFT funtionals, in order to understand which is the best one for
 your systems.
 Best, Luca B.
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 Subject: CCL: tddft for metal complexes
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 > Dear CCLers;
 > I would like to know which densify functional gives good excitation
 > of transition metal complexes, especially Pt complexes.
 > Any advice and reference would be greatly appreciated.
 > Have a good weekend!
 > Best wishes,
 > Tommy
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