CCL: DNA modelling (missing atoms in PDB files)

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 On 24.05.2006, at 14:53, Miro Moman wrote:
 I am currently modelling protein/DNA complexes. In both protein and DNA
 structures there are
 missing atoms/residues. For proteins, I know a number of freely avaliable
 programs that "guess"
 the coordinates of the non-resolved atoms and try to reconstruct the structure
 accordingly (such as
 SPDBV). However, I could not find any free program able to "correct"
 the DNA structures in a similar
 way (the only one I know is LeAP, which comes with the AMBER package). I would
 very much
 appreciate any information on such a program.
 The Molecular Modelling Toolkit (MMTK), available from
 will do this for proteins, DNA, and most other organic molecules. *However*, it
 can compute
 missing coordinates only for hydrogen atoms.
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