CCL: CBS calculations in Gaussian

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 Hi Mark,
 >  Estimate disk for full transformation  7484901414 words.
 > Erroneous write. Write -1 instead of 4096.
 > I know I haven't run out of disk space, since the admin's did
 > see any disk full
 > messages.
 You probably have run out of disk space - or alternatively the code is
 trying to write a file that is too big for the system. E.g. you may only
 have a 32 bit system without large file access support enabled and then you
 would see this type of error.
 Note 7484901414 words is *8 = 59879211312 bytes = 55GB.
 So check you have >55 GB free. Plus that you don't have a quota and that you
 are running on a 64 bit machine or have compiled everything to allow you to
 write larger than 2GB files.
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