CCL: NEWLEAD (Linux) uploaded to CCL Archives

 Sent to CCL by: "Jan Labanowski" [janl^_^]
 I would like to thank Vincenzo Tschinke for uploading the NEWLEAD
 program to CCL Archives today. The program can be retrieved from
 the following page:
 > From the README file:
     Vincenzo Tschinke and N. Claude Cohen
     NEWLEAD is a computer program for the automatic
     generation of candidate structures. The input for the program
     is a set of fragments in the three-dimensional orientation
     corresponding to a given pharmacophore model. The treatment
     consists in connecting the fragments with spacers assembled
     from small chemical entities (atoms, chains or ring moieties).
     The results are new structures containing the fragments in
     the orientation defined in the input. The program offers
     the opportunity of rapidly applying a pharmacophore model
     in drug-design by generating automatically a set of chemical
     sructures conforming to the model.
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 Thank you again Vincenzo,
 CCL Maintainer
 Jan Labanowski