CCL: The final PC GAMESS v. 7.0 release announcement

 Sent to CCL by: "Alex A. Granovsky" []
 Dear GAMESS users,
 I am glad to inform you that the final, official version of the PC GAMESS v. 7.0
 was released today and is available from the PC GAMESS download site at ISU:
 The PC GAMESS page at MSU was updated as well:
 Our big thanks to all testers of the intermediate PC GAMESS releases!
 As compared with the previous public release v. 6.4,
 PC GAMESS v. 7.0 includes the following enhancements and new features:
    much faster MCQDPT code with SMP support and optional
    semidirect integral transformation for large-scale jobs,
    newly developed 2-electron integral code package,
    faster direct HF/DFT code, Quantum Fast Multipole Method and
    Linear Exchange for linear scaling HF and DFT,
    support of spherical basis functions,
    support of general contraction basis sets,
    large-scale direct and conventional parallel MCSCF program,
    Configuration Interaction Singles (CIS), Time-dependent Hartree-Fock (TDHF)
    density functional theory (TDDFT) for excited states with full support of any
 point group molecular symmetry,
    static and dynamic (hyper)polarizabilities via TDDFT,
    unified support of different MPI implementations under Windows,
    improved Linux compatibility,
    initial optimization for Intel Core (Woodcrest/Conroe/Merom processors)
 and many other improvements and performance enhancements.
 We are strongly encouraging all PC GAMESS users to upgrade to the most recent
 Beta testers, please upgrade as well, as there are several known bugs in the
 intermediate releases.
 Best regards,
 Alex Granovsky
 Dr. Alex A. Granovsky
 The PC GAMESS project,
 Laboratory of Chemical Cybernetics,
 Moscow State University