CCL: FOMMS 2006 Early Registration Deadline -- 15-May-2006

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 We take this opportunity to remind you that the deadline for FOMMS 2006 Early
 Registration is May 15!
 3rd International Conference on the Foundations of Molecular Modeling and
 Simulation (FOMMS 2006), Semiahmoo Resort, Blaine, WA, USA, July 9th - 14th,
          >> Deadline for Early Registration May 15 2006 <<
 The 3rd International Conference on the Foundations of Molecular Modeling and
 Simulation (FOMMS), will be held July 9th - 14th, 2006, at Semiahmoo Resort
 (, in Blaine, WA, USA. FOMMS 2006 is a scientific meeting
 balanced between the methods of quantum mechanics, atomistic simulation,
 mesoscale methods and beyond, with application areas in chemistry, biology, and
 materials.  FOMMS is the only focused conference that brings together such a
 broad modeling community and emphasizes integration from atomistic to meso-
 & macro-scale modeling.  A detailed conference agenda as well as housing and
 travel information are available at the FOMMS 2006 website (  You
 are encouraged to take advantage of the early registration fee before the May 15
 FOMMS 2006 Program
 Keynote Address
 	Professor Mark A. Ratner
 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
 	Professor Glenn Fredrickson
 	Professor Katsumi Kaneko
 	Professor Jerzy Bernholc
 Contributed Poster Session A
 	Dr. Warren Hehre
 	Professor Michael Allen
 Polymeric Materials
 	Professor Kurt Kremer
 	Dr. Shi-aki Hyodo
 	Professor Mark W. Matsen
 Advances in Modeling & Simulation
 	Dr. Philippe Ungerer
 	Professor Denis Evans
 Biological Applications
 	Professor Carol K. Hall
 	Professor Shekhar Garde
 	Professor Gerhard Hummer
 Methods & Applications for Materials Modeling
 	Professor Gregory A. Voth
 	Professor C. Richard A. Catlow
 Reaction Engineering
 	Professor Emily A. Carter
 	Professor Randall Q. Snurr
 	Professor Rutger A. van Santen
 Contributed Poster Session B
 Future Vision
 	Professor Vijay Pande
 	Dr. Patricia T. Sparrell
 	Dr. Thom Dunning
 For additional information about the conference please visit our web site or
 contact us directly at chair]^[
 Joe Golab (Ineos Technoloiges)   &   Clare McCabe (Vanderbilt University)
 FOMMS 2006 Conference Chairs, chair]^[