CCL: Molegro releases Molegro Virtual Docker 2006 v1.1

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 Aarhus, Denmark, May 8th, 2006 - Molegro is pleased to announce a new release of
 Molegro Virtual Docker 2006, an integrated platform for predicting
 protein-ligand interactions. Molegro Virtual Docker handles all aspects of the
 docking process from preparation of the molecules to determination of the
 potential binding sites of the target protein, and prediction of the binding
 modes of the ligands. Molegro Virtual Docker offers high-quality docking based
 on a novel optimization technique combined with a user interface experience
 focusing on usability and productivity. Molegro Virtual Docker runs on Windows,
 Linux, and Mac OS X.
 A journal paper comparing Molegro Virtual Docker with other state-of-the-art
 docking programs is available from Journal of Medicinal Chemistry:
 New features in version 1.1:
   * Support for scripting (e.g. batch job execution).
   * The Pose Organizer has been redesigned to handle large docking runs more
   * Python wrapper for controlling MVD using Python scripts.
 For more information, or to download a trial version, please visit our company
 website at: or contact:
 Rene Thomsen, CEO
 Hoegh-Guldbergs Gade 10, Bldg. 1090
 DK-8000 Aarhus
 Phone: (+45) 8942-3165
 About Molegro
 Molegro is a Danish company founded in 2005. Our company concentrates on
 developing high-performance drug discovery solutions leading to a faster
 drug-development process. Our goal is to provide scientifically superior
 products focusing on both state-of-the-art algorithms and an intuitive graphical
 user interface experience.