CCL: Call for Papers/Centenary of Mendeleev's Death/Special Issue

The editors of the journal Foundations of Chemistry invite submissions to a special issue to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Mendeleev who died in 1907.

This is especially appropriate given that the periodic system is undoubtedly one of the foundations of chemistry.

Please see journal webpages for instructions to authors.  Deadline: November 30th, 2006.  Word limit: Approximately 5000 words but negotiable.

Shorter commentaries on any of the previous articles on the periodic system that have appeared in the journal will also be considered for publication.


Dr. Eric Scerri
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry,
Charles Young Drive,
Los Angeles,
CA 90095.

310 206 7443
fax: 310 206 2061

Editor of Foundations of Chemistry,

International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry,
The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance, by Eric Scerri

This book is being published by Oxford University Press on Sept 15th, 2006.
Advance orders can be placed with   at,

price: $ 35.00   (hardcover,  400 pages)

“Written to a high standard of scholarship, "The Periodic Table" is the only book of its kind currently on the market, giving both an historical and philosophical perspective to the development of this key to the elements. The philosophical discussion Scerri weaves through its pages is rarely found in chemistry books, giving it a special quality that will appeal to the scientific community at large. In years to come it will be seen as essential reading for all who aspire to lecture and write on the subject.”

-       John Emsley, author of "The Elements" and "Nature's Building Blocks"

“As the author of "The Periodic System of Chemical Elements: A History of the First Hundred Years" (1969), I consider Scerri's "The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance" a worthy successor. I declare his new book a must, not only for all historians of chemistry and the other natural sciences, but also for the scientists and pupils thereof."

-- Jan W. van Spronsen, author of "The Periodic System of Chemical Elements: A History of the First Hundred Years"


“Few concepts are more important in chemistry than the periodic table, and Eric Scerri's book offers a wonderfully thorough, lucid, and provocative introduction for both chemists and the scientifically literate to this major cultural contribution. Anyone interested in the foundations of chemistry will take delight, inspiration, and information from this highly approachable book.”

       Peter Atkins, author of "The Periodic Kingdom", "Molecules" etc.

“The periodic table of elements is the family tree of stuff, and Eric Scerri's book tells the story of its evolution--through all the false starts and inspired insights, mutations and selections, driven by philosophy as much as calculation. Like any family story, it's a messy tangle of relationships--between elementary particles and between people. The ultimate question is philosophical: Does it all boil down to different configurations of hydrogen? Or is chemistry--and therefore nature--ultimately irreducible?”

K.C. Cole, Author of "The Universe and the Teacup: The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty" and "Mind Over Matter: Conversations with the Cosmos".